Monday, 1 May 2017

2017 A new season

We are booked and ready to fly.

                                                  Antiope in Berlin 2016

Annie and I will rejoin Antiope on 5th May in Corre where she has slept for the Winter.
This season will be more about taking our time and cruising more slowly, mostly in France.
We plan to spend a week or so getting Antiope ready for the water. We then we have a choice of directions to head away, either South down the Soane river or North up to Nancy.
Colmar, Strasburg, and Basle are on our list to visit this year.

Summer in New Zealand has kept us busy, Our Stewart 34 yacht has a new engine and lots of fresh paint. She has rewarded us with a few wins on the water, proving that she is still quicker than her crew! Partner Bill will continue to campaign her through the Winter.

I was asked recently to deliver a talk at the Ponsonby Cruising Club here in Auckland.
The format was a compilation of two cruises to Copenhagen, the first in 1966 by open boat, and the second, last year in Antiope. see our earlier blogs. If anyone is interested, I am happy share the show next time I am in town. contact

Our next post will be from on board Antiope.
Cheers Charles and Annie

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