Saturday, 25 August 2018

Nevers and the Loire

We have reached Nevers, and find a very welcoming french town, a good mixture of old and new.
Taking a break from cruising we will stay a while, before heading North towards Paris and eventually Migennes where we will haul out for the winter and also complete the round trip. What we do need is a bit more rain to help raise water levels.
Nevers and the Loire river

Here we find the loire river is running much lower than normal, and we are hearing stories of commercial barges running aground in the Rhine river due to low level, fortunately the lateral canal runs alongside the river as we follow its route Northwards.
Not much water under the bridge

Ankle deep under the bridge !

The Ducal palace, Nevers. construction started in 1491,   

Nevers -The old gate dates from 1350, and NEW gateway restored in 1840.


Night time Street theatre, 
We booked onto a mystery tour and were treated to an experience as the cathedral gargoyles came to life and showed us around their old town.

A sad sight, the now derelict swimming pool
When we first visited Nevers 10 years ago in a hire boat the old boat lock leading down to the Loire had been coverted into a smart new public pool, and had just opened. 

Annie takes a spell on the helm