Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Up the Mass/ Meuse to France

Our route took us through Arnhem, and the site of the failed mass airbourne landing during WW2.
Of the 100, 000 troops who landed, 30,000 never came home. The town still honours those who tried to liberate them.and end the war.

Arnem bridge over the Rhine. the vital crossing , a bridge too far

The memorial to those who tried to end the war
 Arnhem Cathedral

From Arnhem we head South and join the Mass river which would take us through Belgium and back to France


A dramatic landscape through Belgium, where the Mass becomes the Meuse

At the summit the waterway becomes a canal with tunnels often cut through the hills 

A grebe with her chick on her back

As I write we are back in French waters heading for Nancy, and then down the Vosges canal to our winter base in Corre at the head of the Soane river