Sunday, 29 May 2016

Island hopping

After our brief visit to Sweden, we start our passage South,
There is no hurry so we plan to cruise slowly through the Islands.
First stop Hundige just south of Copenhagen, in calm weather, good for motor boats !
We then have to cross Koge Bught, In Easterly winds this shallow bay can create short steep waves very quickly. We were glad to get into Rodvig once the wind got up

We cruise slowly Southwards from Ven

In Rodvig, I find a Ship engine museum. 

These vintage DANISH made engines are still running!

I grew up with the 'Seagull' outboard motor

In the old fishing port of Rodvig is a museum housing hundreds of vintage boat engines, including outboard motors, It was a Seagull moter that helped us on our way to Copenhagen 50 years ago.

 Praesto, a delightful haven  

At Preasto we are centre stage on boat festival day.

A quiet evening after the visitors have gone home

We spend two extra days in Praesto.

Pirate ?

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A Taste of Sweden

After the social whirl of Copenhagen we cruised North to Rungsted, and moored outside the KDY clubhouse  for a few quiet days.
Rungsted, outside the Royal Danish Yacht Club  clubhouse 

On the waterfront stands the home of Author Karen Blixen, who wrote 'Out of Africa'
Karen Blixens' house, now a museum

Clearly visible across Oresund is the coast of Sweden. Our open boat voyage many years ago took us as far as the Swedish port of Helsingborg. This time we took the ferry across the narrow strait. a 20 min voyage where for 10 mins in Danish waters you can buy duty free alcohol, then for 10 mins tobacco in Swedish waters.
A 20min ferry ride between Denmark and Sweden.

Hamlets' castle at Elsinore looks out across the narrows.

In Ven to fly the same Swedish courtesy flag from our fist voyage.

We have decided that Sweden will be the farthest East and North we will venture, and cross to the small Swedish island of Ven.

Kyrkbackens harbour on Ven Island

A delight to walk around the small island and listen to skylarks overhead

It is still early season, plenty of room forAntiope.

We moor along the harbour wall (centre left). Denmark in the distance

The late evening view from on deck.
From here our cruise will take us South through the islands.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Mermaid and the Opera

5o years on, and the focus of our voyage to Copenhagen this year.
Back in 1966 David White and I set out to sail from England to Denmark in an open boat.
The Royal Danish Yacht Club was celebrating its first 100 years, we wanted to join the party.

1966  after a voyage from England in Jacandor

We line up Antiope in the same spot 50 years on!

In 2015 we had an invitation to attend the 150th celebration, we accepted and decided to arrive in Antiope.

 Our host Flemming aboard his X yacht, he has sailed with us in New Zealand and helped pilot us across from Germany.
All dressed up for the party, we leave Antiope and walk to the Opera house.

An amazing venue, the new Opera house

                                  We dine on balcony level 4

Myself and David, The two mad dinghy sailors 

Crown prince Frederik and Mary arrive

The royal party arrive, the Aussie Princess Mary has become a favorite of the Danes. 

Friday, 13 May 2016


We arrived in Copenhagen after a two day run up from Travemunde in mostly calm weather.

We leave Travemunde an early 6 am start

Marina Baltica, Travemunde our winter home

Our first sign of Denmark, A massive wind farm off the coast
We wind our way through the Danish islands, Flemming is our pilot for the trip

Nightfall as we approach Copenhagen


Our reserved berth close to town centre and a bar!

Christianhaven, our mooring spot, a short walk to town 

Monday, 2 May 2016

Maritime time capsule

Our first week back aboard Antiope, a busy time, getting all the systems working again. Antiope seems almost human, a bit cranky after her winter sleep, waking up stiff and not thinking clearly, We have coaxed her into life again, Soon we cast off from the handy security of the boatyard, to survive on our own again.

The Travemunde Promenade walk, to the beach. 

Taking time out in Travemunde has been a delight. At first sight it is a seaside town, with a beach, a rare thing in Germany so the populace flock here when the sun shines.

Germans have to pay to use their beach! Summer has yet to arrive!

To the maritime minded, history oozes all along the foreshore. The Trave river has carried laden ships from the Baltic up to Lubeck for many centuries. A narrow entrance quickly gives way to a sheltered harbour where today RoRo ferries and cruise ships arrive every few hours. Then turning to berth within metres of our marina.
A tight turn for ships in the narrow harbour!

Across the harbour lies the 'Passat', the last surviving Windjammer of the flying P line. now a museum, built in 1911 By Blom and Voss in Hamburg, she doubled the Horn many times to bring valuable phosphate from South America. and grain from Australia. Her sister ship 'Pamir' became a victim of war, being impounded in Auckland at the outbreak of war in 1939, Under the NZ flag the Pamir was lost at sea during a storm in the Atlantic in 1955.

'Passat' moored close to the harbour entrance.
'Lisa von Lubeck' The replica 15 century 'Cog' built by volunteers

Below decks is a bar.
Lisa von Lubeck was built by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to recreate a true Hanseatic trader. with only old paintings to work from the project took 5 years. A seagoing vessel, she has sailed to England and the arctic reaches of the Baltic.