Saturday, 23 June 2018

The longest day in Auxerre

We grab a prime spot on the Auxerre waterfront 
Tis mid summer and we spend the longest day in Auxerre. Our last visit here was 10 years ago aboard a Locaboat hire craft when we were testing the waters before taking on Antiope. This is a town that deserves more than just a fleeting visit, and a week on we are still here. Visitors with a car joined us aboard for a few days, providing the perfect excuse for a run to the Burgundy wine region and a heady drive along 'La Route des Grand Crus' tasting a few wines along the way.
Wars have been waged for control of these vineyards

The view from Antiope, 11 pm on the longest day.

The clock tower dates back to the 15th century and was built on the foundations of the original Roman Castrum

Once underway we plan to head South along the Nivernais canal, one of the oldest and remote waterways in France.

Watch this space, Cheers Charles and Annie


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Afloat at last

A grey sky morning, and splash day.

Five weeks after we step aboard, Antiope is on the move
It has been a great relief to be afloat again. turn over the engines, and feel the boat move under our feet.
Annie, wine in hand, happy to be afloat again.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Lifeboat Drill

Antiope remains on dry land while we wait for our canopy repairs to be completed, however life is not boring as we find ourselves hooked into local events. The annual Migennes festival became an excuse for Simon to show off his lifeboats.

                    The immaculately restored lifeboats take center stage at the local festival.

Our new Flexiteek deck is laid.

Just like a new one.
A great day as our new deck arrives and it was a relief to see that it fitted perfectly from our amateur made template..  

A boatyard BBQ alongside Antiope.

Taking a BBQ break from working on our boats and over a wine or two we hatch a plan to take out one of the rowing lifeboats.

A hot afternoon on the Yonne river 

                            The Earnest Dresden under oar power for the first time since 1933

                                         Simon at the helm, delighted to have 8 willing crew. 

 The coming week should see Antiope back in the water, after a little longer on dry land than we have hoped, however our plan this year was to get a bit of work done before we play.

As I write the All Blacks have just thrashed France 52 /11

Cheers from Antiope