Saturday, 1 October 2016

Full circle

It is now October and we have returned with Antiope to Corre, Since leaving there in May 2015.
She has taken us to 7 countries. She will spend the Northern winter ashore here having a well earned rest snug under wraps.

Antiope, on the Vosges canal, just a few Kms to Corre

April 2016, Under cover in Travemunde on the Baltic coast, our adventure began.

Since launching earlier this year we have cruised  Denmark, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and now back to France.

Autumn arrives as we cruised up the Meuse into France

                                             The Freycinet guage locks of France,

The small 'do it yourself'  locks are a welcome change from the massive commercial waterways.

Calm warm sunny days of September 

September in Europe has been the warmest for decades, a late attempt at compensation for a wet and windy Summer.

We share a lock with a much travelled Enlish narrowboat

A sad looking bandstand, A sign of rural France in decline.

Some traditional industry survives at la Rochere near Corre.

We find hand made glassware still being made and sent all over the world from a business that has survived 5 centuries in the same family. 

We will miss these quiet waterways, until next year.