Sunday, 29 May 2016

Island hopping

After our brief visit to Sweden, we start our passage South,
There is no hurry so we plan to cruise slowly through the Islands.
First stop Hundige just south of Copenhagen, in calm weather, good for motor boats !
We then have to cross Koge Bught, In Easterly winds this shallow bay can create short steep waves very quickly. We were glad to get into Rodvig once the wind got up

We cruise slowly Southwards from Ven

In Rodvig, I find a Ship engine museum. 

These vintage DANISH made engines are still running!

I grew up with the 'Seagull' outboard motor

In the old fishing port of Rodvig is a museum housing hundreds of vintage boat engines, including outboard motors, It was a Seagull moter that helped us on our way to Copenhagen 50 years ago.

 Praesto, a delightful haven  

At Preasto we are centre stage on boat festival day.

A quiet evening after the visitors have gone home

We spend two extra days in Praesto.

Pirate ?

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