Sunday, 8 September 2019

Clamacy raft parade

Along the Nivernais canal is the charming town of Clamacy, It was here that the annual raft parade coincided with our stop.

We were somewhat concerned in the morning when an exited group arrived in a hurry alongside us on the dock and started to unload what looked like a grand piano strapped to a raft. To our amazement it floated and was paddled away by four dinner suited crew blowing confetti at the crowds.

What is it? It will surely capsize
Will it float?

 The crew paddle past us to join the parade.
A fully elevating piano and a confetti blowing double base.

A very crowded lock and the first rain in months

At least the water was warm.
   We were in Clamacy a month ago now, but I have only just found time to download these pics.

                                                            Cheers Charles and Annie

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