Sunday, 23 June 2019

Summer has kicked in

As I write we are moored in Montagis and one of our favourite stops. The forecast is for highs of 35C or even higher this week. We are not complaining but a mooring under a tree takes on a new meaning. Our cruising plan for this season remains fluid with no adventurous destination in mind. we are moving more slowly allowing time to re-visit and explore towns and villages we had previously passed by.

Cruising more slowly this year

A shady backwater mooring in St Moret sur Loing.
An added complication is the lack of rainfall over winter in the Southern areas of France. which may restrict or close navigation on some waterways, as the reservoirs are at record lows and weed growth on the canals is thick this year. A chat group of other boaters keeps us informed of what is ahead.

Local young folk cool off at Moret sur Loing

Commercial Traffic on the Seine seems light this year, these barges moored up in St Mammes are waiting for freight. 
Barges rafted up in St Mammes on the Seine

                                          A few more pretty pictures along the way.
Wild poppies alongside the lock at Nemours

What, no bread?

I couldn't resist adding this pic


This waterway once 74 kms long ran to Orleans. We take a walk along the towpath.


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