Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Time to head home

The time has come to put Antiope to bed for the winter. This season has been 'one out of the book'.
The sun has shone down on us all summer, often dictating our choice of mooring spots preferably in the shade of trees. A season of slow cruising, spending more time in towns and villages that we liked the feel of, meeting other boaters, putting the world to rights over a wine or two, sharing Antiope with guests, and family.
Antiope is hauled out at Simon Evans boatyard.
 We have returned Antiope to Migennes for the winter, and she is blocked up back in her old spot.

Covers on, Antiope is snug for the winter.
Plans for next seasons' cruise? Nope. Another summer like this one would be great!

Cheers Charles and Annie.

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