Thursday, 10 May 2018

Springtime and back aboard

We have arrived back aboard Antiope in Migennes to find that all is well with our ship. she has survived the winter storms that swept through France. My crude framework still intact.

                    A warm Spring day at the Boatyard . Tarpaulins removed and all is dry

Our first task has been to strip off the old and tired teak decking in readiness for the new Flexiteek deck, a synthetic lookalike which has been made up in La Rochelle over the winter. It was a great relief to find the steel deck underneath the teak still in good condition.

Neil Spencer, our Aussie crew wades into the old decking

This has been a long overdue task. We knew when we first bought Antiope that the aft deck needed to be replaced, It was a teak veneer and had worn very thin in places  The plan is to have the new deck fitted and some other tasks completed by the end of May. If all goes well we expect back in the water sometime in June.

The new deck has already been made up to a template that we supplied, hopefully it will fit !  At the moment it sits on the factory floor in La Rochelle

Watch this space.

Cheers Charles and Annie.

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