Saturday, 8 July 2017

The Doubs and Jura mountains

Having cruised North from Lyon up the Saone river back to St Jean de Losne, we turned right onto the Doubs river which will take us across to the Rhine and Strasburg. This is a new waterway to us, and came with warnings of strong currents, shallows or floods. we seem to have picked a good year to make the passage, The scenery dramatic and the river kind.
Our entry into the Doubs river near Dole

The Rhone / Rhine canal stretches 240 Kms from the Saone almost to Switzerland.

Industry, least we forget the reason for a canal to be built
 Dole, the birthplace of Louis Pasteur
A magic waterway, as we climb the river into the Juras
Becancon, a classic old town, with Roman and Spanish heritage

This Roman gateway survives in Besancon.

As I write a heatwave envelopes us and shopping is a welcome relief from the heat, escaping to the cool of the Supermarket.

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