Sunday, 12 June 2016

The colours of Denmark

12th June.
Our time in Baltic waters is nearly over, We have new waterways to explore. We have cruised through the archipelago of islands south from Copenhagen, and as I write this post in Sonderborg, our last Danish harbour, with the coastline of Germany across Flensburg Fiord,  a lasting memory of our time in Denmark will be the colours.

'Dannebrog' The oldest national flag in the world 

Crystal clear waters

Seafarers house


Nyhavn, Copenhagen



An experience, last night while at anchor in a sheltered inlet 'Dyvig', on the island of Als, was the sight of a rare 'Harbour Porpoise' hunting for fish. These small sub arctic mammals are on the endangered list, with only an estimated 1000 remaining in Danish waters.     

Our plan from here will take us into Flensburg Fiord before heading to Kiel, the North Sea canal and up the Elbe river. 

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