Saturday, 22 August 2015


Having left the Rhine river, we entered the Mittelland canal, a stretch of waterway that crosses most of Germany with only 3 locks. The canal is not exactly scenic, especially in the rain. At Potsdam the skies cleared and we anchor in the lake for a BBQ.

A quiet evening on Potsdam lake
The last page of the route from Nancy some 1200 Kms

Glenicker bridge was the site of  spy swaps during the cold war

A series of lakes lead us to Spandau where we join the Berlin waterways, and a spectacular entry into Berlin
A spectacular entrance to an amazing city.

The picture says it all

The Wall was here, right alongside the waterway.

Antiope in Berlin, a 10min Metro (S Ban) ride from Brandenburg gate

 Cheers Charles

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