Monday, 11 May 2015

A new adventure begins

10 am on May 6th and the boat trailer moves in to take Antiope back to her natural element.

It is a great relief to see Antiope afloat once more

The following morning we get underway along the Vosges canal, heading towards Epinal 
on the climb to the summit we have 46 locks to manage.

Once out of the marina and on to the Vosges canal we head past the township of Corre

The Vosges canal was completed in 1884 linking the Moselle and Soane rivers,

David, a sailing mate from way back, now living in France, drove across the country to help.

On the summit laevel, an overnight stop at the village of  les Forges

We descend through 14 locks to Epinal 

Antiope, is clearly happy to back afloat, next port of call, Nancy.

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