Monday, 25 July 2011

We cruise to the hills

To the Highlands
Maastricht, from the hill

After cruising the Biesbosch, and spending a few days in Drimmelen marina, on the river Amer, and getting a few jobs sorted, we were told that we must visit Maastricht.
My only knowledge of the town was that here the treaty was signed that formed the EU.
The Wilhelminakanal, a man made waterway took us far to the South, This finger of the Netherlands pushes deep into Germany and Belgium, this is hill country.
Maasbrecht lock, a 12m rise

Massive Deep locks lift us to 300 ft above sea level. while most of Holland is some 5m below sea level.
We are joined in Maastricht by another two couples from NZ and Aus, bringing with them a decent size ensign, to try and match the huge flags flown from the local boats.
A series of  fronts head for Europe

The last few days have tested our patience with the weather, as a series of fronts have swept across Europe.
Heading north once more we have cruised down the Maas river, finding great evening moorings in little well serviced marinas.

A tight fit for Antiope

Misty morning

We are heading into the central regions towards Amsterdam,  

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  1. Hi Annie & Charles
    It seems to be a great trip, very different than the canals in England. We sailed on the Holland canals to Amsterdam in 1999 with Nupx. I (Flemming) sailed on a yacht, ketch, from Tunisia to Gibraltar in july. Fine cruise with a lot of sun and heat. I took photos of dolphins near Gibraltar.
    You can see the fotos and follow my trip on this link:

    You must have a continued good sailing
    Vikings Elisa and Flemming