Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Netherlands at last

After a frustrating few weeks waiting for a weather window we made a dash for it across the North sea direct to Holland, or more correctly the Netherlands.
The Queen Mary passes us at Dawn, mid crossing
Mid way across, and just before dawn we saw what looked like a small ferry boat overtaking us, but it was way off the normal shipping lane. It grew in size and became the Queen Mary, she slowly cruised around us and carried on her way.
Antiope moored in Middleburg
From the comfort of the Middleburg yacht club we can look out on Antiope snug in the calm inland waters.
Now able to relax a little, look out for more regular Blog updates
Cheers Charles and Annie

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  1. It's actually the Queen Victoria. RMS Queen Mary 2 has a round stern. Queen Victoria and the new Queen Elizabeth don't.